NFL Wolverine of the Week

Well week 1 has come and gone and a few things remain the same:

  1. Beer and football still go well together.
  2. Tom Brady is still a beast.

Tom led his Patriots to a 1-0 start to the 2012 season with a 2 TD 236 yard performance. After a small Super Bowl hangover for Brady and co brady was able to put together 2 scoring drives in the first half and held off the young Titans in the second half. Congrats to Tom and his Patriots on their good start to the season.

Runner Up:

Jeff Backus – Jeff helped the Lions to a comeback win in the fourth quarter(extended his franchise record 177th start).

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Sept 1st Yet?


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Playoff resolution coming in September?

This is a story we should be keeping an eye on.

Via NBC Sports

Playoff discussions took a hit — or, at least encountered a bump in the road — last week when the BCS committee, composed of 11 conference commissioner’s and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, decided tohand the responsibility of choosing college football’s postseason to the BCS’ Presidential Oversight Committee.

The presidents/chancellors had the final say in the playoff conversation anyway, but instead of approving/denying one idea, the committee will now have “options” from which to choose. “Our job is just to narrow and refine the options,” Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said last week.

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2012 Michigan Football Season Previews Begin!(Off-season Over)

Welcome back readers! It’s been a great but long off season for Michigan football fans. While there are still 81 days left until Michigan Football We at Wolverines East will begin ramping up to the 2012 Season #TEAM133. Over the Next few months ChampionOfTheEast and I(WoodsonBaby) will be posting Position Previews, Big Ten Power Ratings, Season predictions, Breakdown of Alabama, and much much more!  So look no further for your summer reading and stay tuned.

Go Blue!

P.S. Tweeted this yesterday but for anyone who missed this, Red Hot Chili Peppers should be your new Favorite band:

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Buckeye Fail of the Month

So yeah we mentioned because of the off-season and our (Woodsonbaby and I) work schedule picking up the last few months we won’t have as many posts as we did last off-season. But as I promised when something big came up we definitely will post it and I couldn’t resist this. I’m sure you have heard but just in case, this Buckeye Fail needed to be documented on our blog.

via Chicago Tribune

The Sports Xchange

Ohio State linebacker recruit decommits

Ohio State recruit Alex Anzalone decommitted to the school after a registered sex offender posted a photo of himself with the recruit on the internet.

Anzalone and several other Ohio State recruits were approached by Charles Waugh, 31, listed as a registered sex offender in Kentucky, after an April spring game and posed for a picture with them.

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Notes of the Off-Season: Stevie Brown

With us still in the off-season we try to post whatever notes or interesting info we come across. Saw this news on Stevie Brown, love seeing hard working Michigan Men getting their shots. Hope he can become comfortable in NY. Not likely he’ll fight for starting time but the NYG have shown not to be afraid of using a lot of 3 safety looks. I know Stevie’s work ethic is there, he has a shot to get real play time.

Via GiantsFootballBlog

Free agent safety Stevie Brown has reportedly signed with the Giants. The 24 year-old defensive back was a seventh-round draft choice of the Oakland Raiders out of the University of Michigan in 2010.

Brown was released by the Raiders in training camp last year and picked up by the Carolina Panthers, who cut him after a few days. He ended up playing the majority of the season for the sorry Colts.

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Denard as Leader and Best

So it is rather rare that espn writes something positive about Michigan (okay I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean, they love dumping on us) so I thought I should share this with our readers to make sure you saw the love. The report also supports are going theory that Michigan will be a strong title contender next season.

Denard getting serious as senior

Quarterback is exchanging trademark smile for stern leadership at times

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan senior quarterback Denard Robinson is known for his feet, dreads, smile, arm and personality.
But this season, he has made it clear he will be known for his influence on and off the field.

But this season, he has made it clear he will be known for his influence on and off the field.

“I’m taking on a leadership role, trying to be the best quarterback I can be for the team, and be the best leader I can be for the team,” Robinson said. “Right now, just trying to get better at everything I can get better at.”

Robinson has been praised by Michigan coach Brady Hoke, offensive coordinator Al Borges and several teammates for stepping up into that role in his final season as a Wolverine.

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Michigan’s Hockey Rebound Ignited by a Defenseman

Awesome post in the NY Times on Jon Merrill and the Michigan hockey season.

Via NY Times

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Could one defenseman erase three forgettable months and turn a forsaken Michigan hockey team — one admittedly lost without Jon Merrill — into a national contender by his mere presence on the ice?

Michigan goaltender Shawn Hunwick said it best: “The first half, I just felt like we were playing without somebody. Like, a key part wasn’t there. You lose a game, 2-1, and you’re like, ‘Well, if we had Jon, we win that game.’

“You knew how good of a player he was, you knew how important he was to our team. When he was out, it was pretty much like you lost your best player. I mean, I think we did lose our best player. It was a little bit of an incomplete feeling.”

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Belichick told Team to make Giants throw to Manningham

Very cool story from the Daily News… guess it didn’t really work out like they would have wanted it to.

Bill Belichick told Patriots to make NY Giants throw to Mario Manningham on final Super Bowl drive

Bill Belichick had one final Super Bowl wish, and the Giants were happy to grant it.

Just before the Giants’ final drive, the Patriots coach told his defense to “make them” throw to receiver Mario Manningham. He was far more worried about Giants receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks.

But Manningham made him eat his words with a brilliant, 38-yard catch along the sidelines that kick-started the Super Bowl winning drive.

“This is still a Cruz and Nicks game,” Belichick said in audio recorded for NFL Films and aired on NFL Network’s SoundFX show on Wednesday night. “I know we’re right on them. It’s tight but those are still the guys. Make them go to Manningham. Make them go to (Bear) Pascoe. Let’s make sure we get Cruz and Nicks.”

They did, on the first play of the drive from the Giants’ 12-yard line. Manningham made a remarkable catch, barely getting his two feet down before falling out of bounds.

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Great Read on Michigan Basketball

In case you missed it, a great read from Detnews

Michigan spoiling for hardwood rumble with State

Ann Arbor — The student-section chant started late, and grew as Michigan wrapped up the victory.

“Beat the SPAR-TANS!”

Oddly, this had nothing to do with football, even though Denard Robinson was in the stands and football recruiting dominated the day. This had everything to do with the basketball rise in Ann Arbor, and the next big collision.

On Super Sunday, Michigan and Michigan State will conduct their own Slugfest Sunday, with the winner staying in Big Ten title contention, and the loser probably not. It might be hard to judge the full potential of both teams because Spartans leader Draymond Green is dealing with a sprained knee. But it’ll be easy to see where these programs are headed.

In a season when the Big Ten is as hotly competitive as ever — rated the No. 1 conference by the computers — the Wolverines (17-6) and Spartans (17-5) are doing something they’ve rarely done at the same time. Both are meeting or exceeding expectations, and both have the same expectations for a change.

After its 68-56 victory over Indiana, Michigan is 7-3 in the Big Ten and 13-0 at Crisler Center. Michigan State endured a hideous 42-41 loss to Illinois the other night, but is 6-3 in what was supposed to be a rebuilding challenge for Tom Izzo. Yeah, right. Izzo doesn’t rebuild, he recharges.

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